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“Star of the Month” for October - The “Vanguard”

Wang Zaiyou, an intermediate international service engineer specialized in the installment, commissioning and training of batching plants, joined SANY in 2008 and has since worked around the world.


In early 2022, a client in Georgia purchased a HZS90X8 SANY batching plant. The plant arrived at the construction site on July 7th when local temperatures were at their summer peak at 40°C (104°F).

With only Zaiyou, a crane driver and another project leader, the team was severely shorthanded in assembling the batching plant, and frequent incidences of heat stroke and inadequate first aid supplies on site made things more challenging. However, the work was done on time within 15 days despite an incident in which Zaiyou demonstrated how composed and capable he could be when faced with tough tasks.


While the main parts were being hoisted and the screw conveyer was being installed, the team discovered that there was a 50 cm distance between screw conveyer outlet and the cement scale of the main building, forcing the team to re-examine the original designs, and it turned out that the problem lay in the recycled cement powder tank. The tank was originally one of two idle tanks on another batching plant sold to the same client in 2019 and therefore didn’t fit properly.


Zaiyou proposed two solutions, either to change the position of the cement silo foundation or to change the position of the screw conveyer outlet. The first solution was too costly, requiring the dismantling of the cement tank, the shattering of the foundation and a one-month extension on the project. Under such circumstances, Zaiyou managed to adjust the position of the screw conveyer outlet, eliminating any losses for both the client and for SANY.

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