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From October onwards, GAC MOTOR will be introducing ALL NEW GS8, the brand’s luxury SUV model that combines cutting-edge technology with comfort and power to the South American market, which is emerging as a revolutionary and iconic performer among GAC MOTOR’s top-of-the-range models that debuted in Bolivia, Panama and Ecuador. The brand has also confirmed that ALL NEW GS8 will be arriving in Paraguay, and Chile later this year.

Momentum Builds for ALL NEW GS8

The full-size, 7-seater SUV made its first appearance in Ecuador at the 2022 Guayaquil Auto Show. The all-electric AION Y, GS3 subcompact crossover, and the sportier mid-size ALL NEW GS4 were also showcased in front of over 25,000 attendees.

In the week ensuing its fantastical debut at Guayaquil, GAC MOTOR was chosen as the official sponsor for Miss Universe Guayaquil 2022 and provided the official ride for the spectacle. While the newly crowned Miss Guayaquil was driven around in the GS3, ALL NEW GS8 also left memorable impressions with its aggressive build.

Expert-Approved: New Model Sparks Market Sensation

Meanwhile, in Bolivia, an esteemed gathering of some 150 VIP guests was put together to celebrate the launch of the powerful SUV in the brand’s Santa Cruz showroom. The guest list spanned from government figures to celebrity influencers, including the President of the Santa Cruz Legislative Assembly.

Social media darlings Patricia Roca and Pula Ibanez kicked off the night in a moving speech about their experiences with GAC MOTOR. They expressed their excitement for the arrival of ALL NEW GS8. "Quality, comfort, luxury, technology, all in one. The new GS8 is a must," said Roca.

It was also the premiere of GAC MOTOR’s collaboration with Carolina Suarez and Ronica Cuellar, who introduced their understanding of what ALL NEW GS8 embodies in their respective videos. Suarez emphasized sophistication, quality, and detail, while for Cuellar, the car represents power, performance, and style.

“We are the best brand in the market comparing dollar to dollar,” Erwin Gabriel Roda, the GM of GAC MOTOR Bolivia said. “You can get more quality, more equipment, more technology than any other brand at the same price.”

For GAC MOTOR, every praise for its new model is an acknowledgment and inspiration to reaffirm the brand’s commitment to providing top-quality and innovative automobiles to the South American market.

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